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#Photooftheday #SunUpTopDown #Art @lasteeze90

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. Focus . #Music #SunUpTopDown

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The music will speak for itself . #SunUpTopDown "Single" coming soon

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. They have "No Idea" .

Shooting the Intro video for my debut project ". Sun Up.Top Down ."

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. In the making .

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#SunUpTopDown coming summer

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#SunUpTopDown coming summer...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Last night in the Studio working on a collab titled "We Gon Make It"

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Last Weekend in Vegas

March 25th, 2014

#happybirthday to my Playa @lasteeze90 . 1 of my brothers from another who held me down when I LITERALLY had nothing . No license, no car, no money for food, before the shows & even at times a place for me to stay at night . You've watched me grow in every aspect as I would always try to push you & now you doing it my G . I can only hope we continue to motivate each other in our endeavors & I will never forget what you told me... Always & Forever #LaSteeze . #Dream . #Create . #Believe . #Succeed
March 10th, 2014 marked my 22nd Birthday . Just thanked everybody that came out to my party

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. Last night in the Studio recording "Sun Up.Top Down" .


What makes us different . Is what makes us special

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Help RSI & LA Got Aloha Get Back On It's Feet + Free Show

On Saturday, December 21st after an amazing night celebrating our 2 year anniversary of LA Got Aloha, we realized that our cash box was stolen. LA Got Aloha is a Hawaiian themed Hip-Hop event tied together by all forms of visual art. The money that was stolen on December 21st was supposed to help fund the next 2 events and produce records. With this Indiegogo success, we can ensure to get back on our feet while the momentum is here. Our public goal is set at $3,500. When reached, we will put on an entirely free LA Got Aloha event as a token of our appreciation at the Dragonfly in Hollywood mid March. With that being said, take a look at our contribution options to the right, and be a big part of helping LA Got Aloha and RisingSons Independent get back on its feet!

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Last night at Backhouze Studios working on ".Sun Up.TOP Down"

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Last night at Backhouze Studios working on "Sun Up.Top Down"

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Opening 12.21.13 LA Got Aloha ft Rakaa from Dilated Peoples

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#bts #musicvideo #comingsoon #new #music

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